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East Coast Rottweilers

Denise Racicot  & Bryce Angelino     

Jericho, Vermont      802-373-3545      DeniRacicot@gmail.com

Since 1990

Our commitment is to ensure that every litter planned is for the betterment of the Rottweiler breed; that every sire and dam is cleared by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for healthy hearts, hips, elbows and eyes. Only healthy lines are bred to as to diminish the chance of passing on inherited genetic health defects. We maintain an ongoing study of pheno and genotype within our breed, modes of inheritance, heritability, dominant genes and chromosomes that affect health and type.

    Promoting responsible ownership. Breeding an occasional litter with puppies placed in responsible homes of merit. Our goal is to place every puppy in a responsible home. We want owners and buyers to be educated so they make good decisions for themselves and their Rottweilers. We need working homes for the placement of our puppies; a tired dog is a good dog.

We as a breeders do not take the responsibility lightly. We feel great weight in preserving the breeds standard and being careful not to mold it to our own liking.


   Be smart about where you get your Rottweiler. If you can’t afford to get a healthy dog from a reputable breeder, prospective buyers need to know that rescue organizations also offer purebred animals at minimal costs. When we decide that we will no longer do business with irresponsible owners, breeders and puppy mills with no commitment - we can then move forward to conquer breed discrimination.

Please note another kennel has started using our East Coast Prefix.

We are in no way affiliated with them.

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